EOD Academy International

About us

Being part of EMC EOD services GmbH, founded in 2004.

EOD Academy, one of only four schools with German Government Approval, has been substantial in educating German and international EOD specialists in a wide range of courses, spanning from short introductory beginner courses to complex EOD courses leading to the award of the famous German ‘§ 20 SprengG’ certificate – the government acknowledged certificate required to work in operational EOD management positions on-and offshore in Germany.

EOD Academy also successfully developed and conducted the first ever bilingual ‘§ 20 SprengG’ in German and English language.

Our international commitment dates back to 2014, when we started supporting training activities in Ukraine. This commitment intensified over the years and has resulted in a significant number of international courses and training interventions worldwide, including on-site training in Ukraine; ultimately leading to the funding of EOD Academy International, a German EOD Academy with international approach.

How we think


We know from decades of operational experience, that EOD operations hardly ever turn out the way they were planned. After all, it’s not working an assembly line. Therefore, whilst our courses are very much in compliance with IMAS, we believe in thoroughly teaching course participants the very basic skills they need to make fast, efficient, and life-saving decisions, based on profound knowledge, when it matters.

The school builds on the experience of our instructors from diverse international and operational backgrounds, ranging from German ammunition clearance sites over global EOD/MC operations to military and law enforcement missions. With this background, we provide a variety of courses, either at one of our three training locations in Germany or, upon request, at locations abroad.

Our training equipment is optimized for mobile training at client’s premises.

EOD Academy International


  • Eveline Zwehn

    My vision is to create a safe living space for everyone, regardless of their origin.
    For me, quality, professionalism and uniform standards are the basic prerequisites for solid training in explosive ordnance disposal.

  • Eveline Zwehn
  • Frank Masche
    Head of international training and special projects

  • Frank Masche
  • Ursula Rieger
    Planning, organisation and social media

    Peace needs support.
    We need to raise awareness of the dangers posed by explosive ordnance.
    To this end, I see the possibility of using social media to spread the word quickly and informatively about this still unknown topic.

  • Ursula Rieger